after almost 11 hours straight of working, i’m very #blessed to be able to say that i was part of something so (stressfully) fulfilling 😊👍 congrats to everyone who planned and volunteered for the #UNITED and a HUGE thank you to everyone who attended the show!!!! we all came together to help and support our fellow countrymen and that really got me right in da puso ahihi 💕 i had a real good time today/night and i hope y’all did as well! 🐳 (at University of Asia and the Pacific)

“you’re so beautiful, you could be a waitress. or a high class prostitute.” / preview 2.0! @eliwelipeli #NAKANAMANGPLATA (c) @macabeez

me: she’s hot like freshly made sweet and sour pork cine: but there’s nothing sour about this pork mmmmmmhmmm / preview to @eliwelipeli’s debut pixxx! 8=👊=D💦💦 (c) @macabeez

of course we’d take photos with ~miguel abrera~ as well HAHAHAHAHAHAH