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DLSU shoves ADMU against the wall, sweat dripping down their faces from the exertion of playing too much.

‘What? ADMU bites out, almost a huff of breath, because though he doesn’t want to admit it, he is awfully tired.

‘All the time,’ DLSU says, angry, ‘All the fucking time…’ He grips the front of ADMU’s shirt tighter.

ADMU smirks, grabs DLSU’s wrist a little too harshly, ‘What of it?’

And there is a moment, where the tension’s too high, where the adrenaline running through their veins propels someone forward. Their faces are close, almost a ki—

‘What are you writing, MC, CSB?’ UP says, looking over their shoulders to see what they’re giggling about.

MC slams the notebook closed, flustered.

‘Nothing,’ CSB can’t help but laugh.

UP tilts his head. He doesn’t really want to know, but he glimpsed ADMU’s name in there and thinks that maybe he should be a bit worried. ADMU is his friend, after all, even if he does get a kick out of his and DLSU’s constant bickering. He shakes his head and walks on. Behind him the girls giggle again, louder this time, and he wonders what the fuck they’re doing. 

Whatever. He has to meet UST in a bit. He hasn’t gone more than two steps before he hears shrieks and a loud, familiar, “What the fuck?” 

He turns. Looks like his appointment caught up with him. 

UST is reading MC’s notebook with an expression of horrified fascination on his face. MC is beet red by now, but CSB isn’t doing anything more than laughing her guts out. 

“Guys,” UST says, “guys. ADMU doesn’t speak like this.” 

Curious now, UP moves closer. UST doesn’t seem to notice him until he nudges UST’s elbow out of the way to see. 

DLSU grins. It makes his face look sharper, more defined, and he shows no signs of being as tired as ADMU is. “Not so bad, was it,” he murmurs, but in the strange acoustics of the locker room his whisper carries. 

ADMU drops his shirt and steps back, fighting an urge to lick his lips. “I - “

“Did you want to continue?” DLSU asks, louder this time, his fingers gripping the hem of his shirt. 

“Oh god,” UP says, stepping back. “That is not what I think it is.” 

“It’s porn,” UST says, squinting at the notebook. 

MC looks askance at UST. “I didn’t even know you knew that word.” 

“Who doesn’t know that word, for God’s sake?” CSB demands. “UST is 22, how can he not know it?” 

MC just shrugs. “It seems out of character.”

“Right, right, yes, I know what porn is,” UST says good-humoredly. “But, ladies, my biggest problem is not that you are apparently writing porn involving DLSU and ADMU, but that your characterization is sloppy. Trust me on this one.” 

“You write porn?” CSB asks in disbelief. 

UST just winks. 

UP gapes at them all, then throws up his hands. “This is not happening. Please tell me this is not happening. We know these two. They hate each other.”

“Sexual tension,” MC and CSB say in unison.

“This is not happening,” UP says again, flatly.

“Oh, it is,” UST reassures him.”And you know something? We’re going to make it better.

UP, in the absence of reason amongst his fellow institutions of higher education, tries to pry the notebook from UST’s hands.

“The only way to do that is to keep it to yourselves,” he explains, patiently. “Wag nang mangdamay, ha?

CSB makes a face at him, which manages to be both pitying and disbelieving. She roughly punches his shoulder -it hurts, it does, because CSB is a powerhouse and never lets anyone else carry her equipment- and says, “Whatever, UP, it’s too late for regrets. Shh,” and now she’s patting his shoulder, leaning in conspiratorially, “only secret porn now.”

Beside them, UST had begun to extol the nuances of ADMU’s speech, with MC diligently taking notes and contesting a few of his points.

“He’s not a tsundere,” UST insists, “he’s too smart to lie about his own feelings. Ignoring them completely, however, is plausible.”

“So you’re saying DLSU knows his feelings better?” The college asks, pen poised above a fresh page. “- -what an underhanded insult, are you saying DLSU’s more mature-“

“Ah, ah, ah!” UST interrupts, his eyes dancing as he glances around for the objects of their conversation, “Not so loud, they might hear…”

“I’m hearing it,” UP pipes in, still disapproving, “And I wish I wasn’t.”

CSB waves this off with a snort, “Impatient. We’ll get to the porn soon enough.”

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