THIS IS THE INTRO OF MY STEVE/BUCKY FIC I’M REALLY EXCITED FOR IT. it is VERY slow work but I really like it so far and there’s no real plot yet just a lot of words SORRY!!!!

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But if a woman’s accomplishments aren’t in the tale they tell
Are the deeds that go unheralded her legacy as well?

“You are my soul, I love you.” — Willemijn Verkaik to her husband (via velmakilly)


Mattel Launching Limited-Edition

Barbie Lagerfeld Doll

Karl Lagerfeld’s latest collaboration involves what must be the world’s smallest pair of fingerless gloves. They’re to fit the dainty hands of Barbie Lagerfeld, a limited-edition doll being launched this fall by American toy giant Mattel Inc. and the iconic, Paris-based designer. For More